ANCA-WR Education Committee to Give Special Awards at 2019 History Day L.A.

November 15, 2018

GLENDALE – The ANCA-WR Education Committee is proud to announce that it will present up to 11 Special Awards at History Day L.A. on March 9, 2019 for topics related to – American Heroes of the Armenian Genocide.

History Day L.A. is an annual competitive event that takes place at Azusa Pacific University for students in grades 4-12. History Day L.A. provides students from Los Angeles County, the opportunity to apply their historical thinking and creativity to a topic based on the annual National History Day theme. The 2019 theme is Triumph & Tragedy in History. To present their chosen topic, a student(s) must choose 1 of 6 project categories – posters (grades 4 & 5 only), exhibits, papers, websites, performances, and documentaries. The best projects demonstrate thorough research and analysis of primary and secondary sources, that suggest the significance of the topic as it is relevant to the theme.

In the face of challenges and obstacles against them, many American leaders demonstrated headstrong leadership during the Armenian Genocide and their efforts aided the survival of thousands of Armenian lives. In doing so, these American leaders triumphed in the face of tragedy. This year, the ANCA-WR Education Committee will present the “ANCA-WR History Day Award” to the best project in each category, that relates to- American Heroes of the Armenian Genocide. This award will recognize students’ hard work outside of the regular competition and will acknowledge students’ efforts to conduct research on Armenian Genocide history. Project topics can include but are not limited to the following examples: Ambassador Henry Morgenthau Sr. and the Near East Relief, Jackie Coogan with the Children’s Crusade, and Asa Jennings and the evacuation of refugees in the Great Fire of Smyrna.

Please visit the following sites to access further resources and information on Armenian Genocide history:

Armenian National Committee of America- Western Region

Near East Relief Foundation

The Genocide Education Project

USC Shoah Foundation, IWitness

Armenian National Institute

Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute

Students who receive the “ANCA-WR History Day Award” are provided with $100.00 and the opportunity of being recognized at the Armenian Genocide Education Awards Luncheon on March 23, 2019.

To find out more about History Day L.A. and how to register student projects, visit Teachers must complete registration for History Day L.A. online and submit information for all student projects by January 18, 2019.

Teachers, please email us by January 18, 2019 at, to let us know the name of your student(s) who will be participating in History Day L.A. for the opportunity to win the “ANCA-WR History Day Award.”

Participation in History Day L.A. encourages students to recognize the relevance of history in their lives while improving academic achievement and developing the 21st century skills needed to prepare students for college, career, and civic life. Additionally, appreciation and team building among students and their teachers grow and create memorable moments. Winners of the regular History Day L.A. contest will be eligible to compete at the National History Day – California contest. Get started now! See an example of a past National History Day winner from 2016.

All the necessary links about History Day L.A. and further resources can be found on our website at






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