Join the ANCA-WR, in coordination with the Los Angeles Civil, Human Rights, and Equity Department for its LA for All Healing Circles Initiative. The ANCA-WR is proud to host two sessions, which will offer an open platform for community members to discuss their experiences with racism, prejudice, and discrimination, cultivate a deeper understanding of injustices that communities face, and cultivate exciting connections to continue dialogue outside of these sessions.

The Armenophobia Armenian Community Round Table will be the first of two sessions, offering a platform for Armenian community members to share their experiences and concerns with Armenophobia, outline urgent community needs to ensure community safety, and discuss important next steps to address the concerning rise of Armenophobia and other incidents which target the Armenian community.

This event will take place at the Glendale Youth Center, located at 211 W Chestnut Street, Glendale, CA 91204 on Wednesday, January 25th at 7pm.

Those interested are invited to register using the following Link:

LA Healing Circles Armenian Community Round Table Registration