Bared Maronian to be Panelist at ANCA Grassroots ‘Arts & Film’ Panel

September 30, 2013

EMMY-Award-winning filmmaker Bared Maronian will be among a group of distinguished artists and entertainers at this year’s ANCA Grassroots conference, which kicks off on November 29 at the Loews Hotel in the hear of Hollywood.

Maronian, who is the director and producer of the documentary Orphans of the Genocide, will discuss the challenges involved in chronicling the plight of orphans of the Armenian Genocide and will shed light on the people and organizations that stepped up to help these survivors.

The film has screened at numerous festivals around the country and has aired on several PBS stations in the US. Maronian will also address how the film has helped to advance the international discussion about the Armenian Genocide.

Maronian will be on hand at the screening of Orphans of the Genocide on Sunday, September 29 during Arpa International Film Festival. The screening is scheduled to take place at 4:30 p.m. at the Egyptian Theater, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles.

“We are very excited for Bared Maronian to join the panel of distinguished artists, filmmakers and cultural representatives we have brought together for this year’s ANCA Grassroots conference,” said Ara Khachatourian, the chair of the organizing committee.

“Bared will provide unique insight and perspective to the evolving discussion about film and arts impacting the overall pursuit of the Armenian Cause,” added Khachatourian.

“It is a pleasure to be among a group of artists, filmmakers, intellectuals and discuss how creative minds can collectively explore paths for the visibility, awareness and recognition of the Genocide. Educational entertainment is one the most effective, if not the most effective tools for spreading the truth of the Genocide, especially at the doorstep of the 100th Anniversary,” said Maronian.

Bared Maronian is a documentary filmmaker born in Beirut Lebanon. He graduated from Haigazian University, and after moving to Florida, he attended Palm Beach State College and Broadcast Career Institute of Palm Beach.

Maronian is a four time regional Emmy Award winner and he has worked on local, regional and national documentaries for PBS. One of his works, a concert by Willie Chirino was nominated for a Latin Grammy. He also received the Telly Award and was featured in the NYC Filmmakers’ Festival.

Five years ago, Bared founded the Armenoid Team that specializes in producing thematically Armenian documentaries and so far he has produced four Armenian films.

“Orphans of the Genocide” traces the lives of many orphans who lived through the horrors of a war, losing parents and being separated from siblings and shipped to various countries.

The documentary also explores the herculean task of the American Near East Relief Foundation in saving, feeding and sheltering over 150,000 documented Armenian genocide orphans between 1919 and 1926 by setting up more than 200 temporary and permanent orphanages in Historic Armenia, Turkey and throughout the Middle East. One of these orphanages was built in Gumri, the second largest city in Armenia, and housed 22,000 orphans.

The successful ANCA Grassroots will return on Thanksgiving Weekend, this time in the heart of Hollywood at Loews Hotel. The event bring together academicians, artists, historians, legal experts and political officials who will make presentations about varied topics regarding the myriad aspects of the pursuit of Hay Tad.

The conference is open to the community but requires registration. Register now and save by visiting


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