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Ruben Karapetian



Ruben D. Karapetian serves as ANCA-WR Government Affairs Director, responsible for executing the legislative strategy of the ANCA-WR and cultivating meaningful working relationships with federal, state, and local officials. Additionally, Karapetian oversees government and policy research, tracking elections and the ANCA-WR’s candidate endorsement process.

Previously, Karapetian had been an intern and research associate with the ANCA-WR, analyzing and indexing global atrocity crimes and genocide. Before joining the ANCA-WR as a full-time staff in early 2021, Karapetian participated in the ANCA’s Hovig Apo Saghdejian Capital Gateway Fellowship Program.

Karapetian holds a B. A. in Political Science focusing on Comparative Politics, obtained from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2018. His primary areas of study were Eastern Europe, East Asia, and American Foreign Policy.

Before his university studies, Karapetian worked on various film and multimedia projects in Burbank, CA. Most notably, Karapetian was an assistant video editor for Roger Kupelian’s “East of Byzantium” and a digital media asset coordinator for Film Solutions, LLC.

Office | 818.500.1918

Email | ruben@ancawr.org