May 31, 2001

GLENDALE, CA — Utah Governor Michael O. Leavitt, in a proclamation issued in April officially recognized the Armenian Genocide, calling on Utahns to join with the Armenian American community in commemorating the anniversary of the first genocide of the 20th Century, reported the Armenian National Committee of America – Western Region. The proclamation, which was welcomed by the thriving Armenian American community of Utah, further proclaimed April 2001 as Armenian Awareness Month in the State of Utah.

“Governor Leavitt has taken a courageous stance and has demonstrated that Utahns will not stand for the denial of the Armenian Genocide,” explained ANCA-WR Executive Director Alex Sardar. “More importantly, however, Utah has committed itself to making a difference, and Governor Leavitt has called on Utahns to actively participate in eliminating future genocides by learning about the Armenian Genocide.”

Below is the full text of Governor Michael O. Leavitt’s Proclamation on the Armenian Genocide:

Michael O. Leavitt Governor Proclamation

Whereas, many Armenians, including some who reside in Utah, will pay tribute to the 1.5 million victims of genocide on Armenian Martyr Day; and

Whereas, understanding the plight of the Armenian genocide, and educating the public, is one step toward eliminating possible future genocides; and

Whereas, the Salt Lake Symphonic Choir has undertaken an enormous task to turn an invited visit into a humanitarian cause benefiting the Armenian people; and

Whereas, Utahns have the capacity and resources to make a difference in the lives of the Armenian people; and

Whereas, the Choir’s visit provides Utahns with a rare opportunity to experience “one degree of separation” thus putting a face on the donor recipients in an humanitarian cause;

Now, Therefore, I, Michael O. Leavitt, Governor of the state of Utah, do hereby proclaim April 2001, as Armenian Awareness Month in Utah.

Governor: [signed] Michael O. Leavitt

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