August 11, 2011
For Immediate Release
Contact: Elen Asatryan
tel: (818) 500-1918

Two Roads

As I think about the past three years of my life, I wonder about where I would be right now if I had not decided to taken this road. Where would I be if I had not chosen this path? Would I ever worry about political or social issues? These were all the questions I asked myself before I chose International Studies-Political Science as a major/career. Coming from a traditional Armenian family, the choice was difficult to make. Since, this was not one of the commonly accepted professions for the Armenian community in Glendale and for my family.

Since then, my choice led me to various different opportunities, from being a student leader to an intern in Armenia, and finally to the Armenian National Committee of America-Western Region. So far I have not been disappointed from the road I’ve taken. In fact, I couldn’t be more satisfied, especially this week. It was this Wednesday afternoon, when we intensely watched the US house panel discuss church properties resolution. I can still feel our anticipation, as we were waiting for their votes. Finally, the resolution passed with 43 to 1. Our efforts in calling citizens in different districts and urging them to call their representative and ask them to vote yes on the church properties resolution, had paid off. We accomplished these results through the work of very few staff and dedicated volunteers. Once more, I was reassured about making the decisions I made. Although, the future is still foggy for me in terms of where I would end up. I, still, am very fortunate to have taken the road “less travelled by;” otherwise I wouldn’t have had all these experiences which constitute of the person I am today.