The Timely Release of the Forbidden Homeland by ANCA-WR Education Committee Member Katia Karageuzian  

January 10, 2023

(Los Angeles, California)- On December 10, 2022, ANCA-WR Education Committee member, Katia Tavitian Karageuzian’s new book, Forbidden Homeland, Story of a Diasporan, launched on and Kindle expanded distribution Forbidden Homeland, and quickly became a #1 New Release in its category.

In light Azerbaijan’s ongoing illegal blockade of Nagorno Karabakh which has left more than 120,000 Armenians without access to food, medicine and other essential needs, the timely publication of the Forbidden Homeland sheds light on the origins and root causes of the Karabakh Conflict.

America is the land of immigrants and different Diasporas, and every American has a story to tell.

In 1988, a chance comment made at college led Karageuzian, then a new immigrant, to the discovery of long-lost relatives she knew nothing about. The family secrets that surfaced next became the catalyst to a decades-long search for answers she had been looking for since childhood.

Karageuzian takes the reader with her on the personal journey that helped define her understanding of the Armenian Cause, all the while revealing an extensive history of American involvement in the Armenian destiny.

Weaving her experiences of growing up in war-torn Lebanon with her journey of digging up facts, Karageuzian draws on her personal accounts of diaspora and her research to expose surprising truths, the role that geopolitics play in burying them, and the resilience of a people struggling to be heard.

Forbidden Homeland highlights the turning points of the Armenian Cause and connects them to present day events. It is an American story of immigration and pursuit of happiness, and the story of unrepresented Diasporas that continue to form because of tyranny and global power games. It is also a testament to bravery, resilience and the stubborn human will to live in freedom.

Karageuzian holds a doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of Southern California. Parallel to her career in pharmacy, she loves giving back to and sharing stories with her community almost as much as she loves writing. Her favorite part of both is the opportunities they give to celebrate diversity, common experiences, and aspirations. Forbidden Homeland is a great gift for those interested in world history and, in particular, the current unrest in Transcaucasia.

The Kinetzon Book Launch event sponsored by the ANCA-WR Education committee, will take place on Sunday, January 22, 2023, at Glendale Central Library from 3pm to 5pm. Those interested can RSVP by emailing by January 15th.

The book is now also available at Abril Books and Sardarabad bookstores.


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