June 20, 2007

Los Angeles, CA – The Armenian National Committee of America – Western Region (ANCA-WR) is pleased to announce that, working in conjunction with the Armenian National Committee of America – Eastern Region (ANCA-ER), the POWER Initiative has helped secure over 200 Members of Congress as cosponsors of the Armenian Genocide Bill. Initiated in early 2007, the POWER Initiative has continued to raise awareness of the Armenian Genocide Resolutions in both the House and Senate (H. Res. 106 and S. Res. 106). Dubbed “Project Outreach Western Region – POWER”, the ANCA-WR office has been mobilizing ANC chapters throughout the western United States in educating Armenian Americans on the status of the genocide resolutions pending in both the House and Senate. H. Res. 106 enjoys the cosponsorship support of 202 Members of the House of Representatives.

Recently, the ANCA-ER joined the ANCA-WR’s POWER Initiative with its own POWER Initiative entitled “Project Outreach Waves the Eastern Region”. Both POWER Initiatives have raised awareness of both genocide bills in Congress.

To date, 80 Members of the House of Representatives from the Western Region have cosponsored H. Res. 106. Those cosponsoring this important human rights legislation include Members from California, Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, South Dakota, Colorado, Oregon, Utah and Washington.

In recent weeks, the ANCA-WR has worked with local activists to continue securing meetings all across the country with congressional district offices. The ANCA-WR recently traveled to Idaho to discuss the Armenian Genocide resolution and other issues of concern with Congressional offices and members of the local Armenian American community.

“The fact that 202 Members of Congress have cosponsored the Armenian Genocide Resolution in the House demonstrates the broad bipartisan support that H. Res. 106 enjoys,” remarked Andrew Kzirian, ANCA-WR Executive Director. “We continue to monitor the strong surge in national support for this important human rights legislation – and are confident that in due course the resolution will make its way to the House floor for a vote,” added Kzirian.

The Armenian National Committee of America is the largest and most influential Armenian American grassroots political organization. Working in coordination with a network of offices, chapters, and supporters throughout the United States and affiliated organizations around the world, the ANCA actively advances the concerns of the Armenian American community on a broad range of issues.


PHOTO CAPTION: The Western Region of the United States.

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