Lack of Enthusasiam and Activism Amongst Youth

July 11, 2011

During my time as an ANCA-WR intern, as well as an ANCA-Hollywood member, I have noticed that there are quite a lot of Armenian-Americans who are not involved or interested in ANCA-related events, or any Armenian-American organizational events for that matter. Just recently, I was assigned to contact Armenian high school students in the Hollywood area, and was surprised that so many of them hadn’t heard of ANCA. Once I had explained to the students about the ANCA and its involvement in the Armenian-American community, I was even more shocked to learn that they were not interested in being involved. It really is a great disappointment when youth don’t show much interest and enthusiasm in involvement in the Armenian American community.

In the several months’ attempt to pass the Armenian Genocide Resolution in Congress recently, ANCA-Hollywood was unable to get in touch with much of the Armenian youth. It was clear that a lot of factors, such as timing, school involvement, and prior commitments went into play. People did not even bother with something as simple as calling their local Congressman/woman.

On the other hand, there are members of the Armenian youth who do a great deal, and try to stay involved. I believe that activism may not be something you always want to do, but it is good for you. It is important to communicate with others and engage them in an organization’s dialogue in very fun and creative ways. …Hope I don’t sound too idealistic.

Without having a strong youth supporting and being involved in the Armenian American community, we will not be able to gain the respect and acceptance from other community members, which ultimately help with furthering the Armenian Cause. For this reason, it is important to engage as many youth as we can…one at a time.

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