Intern Project

March 22, 2012

Yesterday, as part of our internship my co-intern and I interviewed previous interns for a project we are going to do. To me, interviewing these interns means that people actually survive from this internship. At first, I was very scared about how the interviews were going to work out. Even though I was not the one on camera, I was still nervous.

I think what scared me the most was that this was not part of the internship experience as you call it. This was something that we had come up with as part of our project and it was something new for me. Just like on the first day of working at the WR office I was very afraid of answering phones, I was just scared of failing in some way. With the interviews, I kept thinking everything we had done and have asked is not enough.

I feel that every day we do things that we are afraid of.  It can be something small like an interview or something huge like trusting certain people.  As far as the interviews went, I had a lot of fun getting to know what past interns are doing. I am very excited about the other interviews we are going to have because now it is not so intimidating. The next step to tackle in the project is editing the videos, which I think I was even more afraid of but, like I said, the interviews went so well, I have a more positive outlook on everything else. But thinking about the fact that in the very end we have to present the project to a bunch of people gives me the chills. I will definitely be writing a few blogs about glossophobia (fear of speaking in public.)

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