“Genocide 101” Concert

March 22, 2016

As the Armenian Diaspora and human rights activists from around the world prepare for the 101st Anniversary Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, Angelenos will join community artists to raise awareness of genocide prevention and education through the “Genocide 101” concert.

“This concert is a reflection of how far we have come,” stated artist and co-organizer Andrew Kzirian. “As we saw in the past year, the markingGenocide 101 Poster - GEN 20160313 of the centennial was a very special and dynamic time for not only Armenians, but the entire world as it relates to human rights,” he added. “Based on this ever evolving reality, it is time for a new approach in progressing as a community and as a people to reflect how we have persevered in our survival and prosperity.”

“Genocide 101” is a social justice concert dedicated to raising awareness of the Armenian Genocide.  For the past several years, socially conscious artists in the Los Angeles area have come together to work with the community through music, activism and commemoration. String Harmonies, Heibert, Kevork Artinian, the Greg Hosharian Trio, Armenian Public Radio, Alique and Krista of green KARD will take the stage on April 24, 2016 at the Beyond the Stars Palace Theatre. The arts will inspire activism through a uniquely powerful performance that will provide the community with an opportunity to enjoy traditional and innovative artistry.

Various community organizations, such as the Armenian Youth Federation – Western Region, Ferrahian Alumni Association and Armenian National Committee of America – Western Region will be working together for this event in coordination with the organizers to showcase an exciting and energetic show.

“This concert shows how resilient we are as well as highlighting our unique culture,” stated AYF-WR representative Krikor Der Abrahamian. “April 24, 1915 is the day an atrocious plan was placed into motion, a plan to exterminate an entire race. This plan is the infamous genocide that is denied still to this day. We are fighting to preserve and continue our culture and heritage and we fight for recognition of the genocide and the millions of lives taken as well. A program such as the AYF Youth Corps, a program designed to give Armenian youth the opportunity to visit their homeland and experience working within the local villages there, also demonstrates this. We will continue to fight and persevere to attain our goals of recognition and reparations,” he added.

“Organizations like the AYF, Ferrahian Alumni Association and the ANC do an important job of educating others to become more aware and involved in contemporary issues that impact the concerns and interests of the community,” Kzirian added.  Kzirian has served as Chairman of the AYF Central Executive in the Eastern United States and Executive Director and Chairman of the Armenian National Committee of America – Western Region.

This year, proceeds from the concert will be donated to two needy organizational projects. The Armenian Youth Federation’s Youth Corps 6-week program provides a memorable and productive opportunity for youth to establish and strengthen ties with the homeland, consisting of 4 weeks of volunteer work and 2 weeks of touring. Beginning in 1994, volunteers first came to NKR to help rebuild war-torn villages after the cease-fire. In 2008, the AYF opened a summer camp in Gyumri, Armenia’s second largest city, and continued to empower Diaspora Armenians with more direct roles in nation-building. This is a chance for some to make a direct impact on the lives of Gyumri’s most impoverished children and families. More information is available at http://www.ayfyouthcorps.org/program.

The concert will also provide funds to facilitate improvements to the Ferrahian school’s campuses and programs, through the Ferrahian Alumni Association (FAA). The FAA’s goal is to establish a social networking venue for alumni members and to provide a familiar atmosphere where alumni can enrich their lives by exploring and sharing common interests, exchanging ideas, and promoting awareness of the Armenian culture, language, heritage and society. More information on the school’s programs can be found at http://www.ferrahian.com/ and http://www.ferrahianalumni.org/.

The artists and organizations involved with this special concert would like to encourage everyone in the community to participate in an event that will provide incredible talent and entertainment, but will also benefit those in need.

For more information and tickets please visit http://www.itsmyseat.com/genocide101

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