Congressman Adam Schiff Introduces Resolution Recognizing Independence of Artsakh and Condemning Azeri Aggression

April 24, 2023

On April 24, 2023, the 108th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, Congressman Adam Schiff introduced a bold resolution recognizing the independence of Artsakh and right of its people to self-determination, while simultaneously condemning Azerbaijan’s ongoing aggression against the Armenian people. 

Read the full resolution here.

“I am desperately concerned that Azerbaijan is planning another war on Artsakh, or war on Armenia itself, and I think this will be a powerful message to the dictator in Baku, that on a bipartisan basis, Congress is going to stand up for the rights of the people of Artsakh. We need an end to this blockade; we need an end to this unprovoked violence by Azerbaijan, and this resolution, I hope, will signal the United States’ enduring commitment to democratic peoples everywhere, and in particular, in Artsakh,” said Schiff.

ANCA Western Region-endorsed candidate Schiff has been a trusted and consistent champion of Armenian issues, historically introducing resolutions in Congress for all aspects of the Armenian Cause, including recognizing the Armenian Genocide, advocating for increased aid to Armenia and Artsakh and holding Azerbaijan accountable for its anti-Armenian aggression.

On April 23, 2023 Azerbaijani authorities set up a military checkpoint on the Lachin corridor: the only connecting route from Artsakh to Armenia and the outside world which has been illegally blockaded by the Azerbaijani regime’s pseudo environmental activists for over 130 days. The establishment of the checkpoint not only violates the terms created in the 2020 ceasefire statement which guarantees the freedom of movement through the Lachin corridor, it also further isolates and threatens the 120,000 Armenians in Artsakh from receiving humanitarian aid and life-sustaining goods.

In response to this development, Congressman Schiff expressed concern about the potential worsening of the humanitarian crisis in Artsakh and urged all of his colleagues in Congress to take action and for the administration to “talk in more than morally equivalent terms.”

The ANCA Western Region has worked closely with Congressman Schiff and his colleagues to amplify the urgency of this crisis and to urge the U.S. government to take meaningful action to hold Azerbaijan accountable for its ongoing genocidal policies toward both Artsakh and Armenia. “We are grateful to Congressman Schiff for hearing our concerns and for leading the effort to force the U.S. to take a principled stand for human rights, democracy and self-determination in support of the freedom loving people of Artsakh. Impunity is the greatest enabler, and unless the Aliyev regime is held accountable, it will continue the pan-Turkic agenda set forth over a hundred years ago. We cannot allow this to happen, and we must continue to use any influence we have as American citizens to propel our government forward on this issue beyond mere words,” stated ANCA-WR Chairperson Nora Hovsepian, Esq.

The Armenian National Committee of America-Western Region is the largest and most influential Armenian American grassroots advocacy organization in the Western United States. Working in coordination with a network of offices, chapters, and supporters throughout the Western United States and affiliated organizations around the country, the ANCA-WR advances the concerns of the Armenian American community on a broad range of issues.
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