ANCA-WR Supports Gov. Newsom in the September 14 Recall Election

August 25, 2021

The Armenian National Committee of America — Western Region (ANCA-WR) Board of Directors today announced its unanimous support for Governor Gavin Newsom in the upcoming recall election, urging California-Armenians to vote “no” on their ballots by September 14, 2021.

“Gov. Newsom has demonstrated the depth of his commitment and understanding of issues important to Armenian-Americans throughout his political career,” remarked ANCA-WR Chair Nora Hovsepian, Esq. “He has been a true friend of our community, supporting many of our efforts and listening closely to our concerns, which resulted in our endorsement of his gubernatorial campaign in 2018 as well as our opposition to his recall now. As a matter of principle, we support those officials who support our Cause, and we call on our community to do the same.”

Governor Newsom has had a long history with the Armenian-American community in his native city of San Francisco, and has been a strong supporter of its issues beginning with his days as a San Francisco Supervisor, then as Mayor of the City following his election in 2003, and as Lieutenant Governor for eight years, before being elected as governor in 2018.

Gov. Newsom’s recent engagements with California-Armenian policy priorities include:

  • Marching in solidarity six miles with our Los Angeles community to the Turkish Consulate on the occasion of the Armenian Genocide Centennial.
  • Public calls for divestment of public funds from the Turkish Government and signing AB 1320, the Divestment from Turkish Bonds Act, into law in 2019.
  • Signing an agreement to create a Trade and Services Desk in Armenia, promoting two-way trade and investment by businesses in Armenia and California.
  • Allocating $5 million for the Armenian American Museum in the California budget.
  • Making the humanitarian decision to allow Hampig Sassounian’s parole to stand.
  • Issuing annual proclamations declaring “Day of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide” on April 24.

Ballots have been mailed to all California voters starting on August 16, 2021.

For additional information regarding the recall election, please visit the California Secretary of State website:

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