June 12, 2006

Glendale, CA — ­ The Armenian National Committee of America ­ Western Region expressed it support this week for AB 1210, legislation that calls for the construction of an International Genocide Monument in Sacramento’s State Capitol Park.

The California State Legislature took the first step this year in working to construct an International Genocide Memorial in the State’s Capitol. Authored by State Assembly member Lloyd Levine, AB 1210 was introduced in 2005 and is currently in the Senate Appropriations Committee. If passed, the legislation would call for the establishment of an International Genocide Memorial Commission to determine the design, construction, and dedication for a memorial, on the grounds of Capitol Park, to honor genocide victims.

The State of California has a longstanding history in protecting the rights, history and culture of all its citizens, including those who are survivors and descendents of genocide and crimes against humanity. An International Genocide Monument in the State Capitol would not only serve as a symbol for remembrance of past genocides, but also as a tool to educate thousands of students who visit the State Capitol annually for class trips. If constructed, the monument would recognize crimes perpetrated against the Sudanese in Darfur and the Tutsis in Rwanda, the Armenians, and the Jews, among others.

Noting the ANCA-WR’s support of AB 1210, Chairman Steven Dadaian said, “The passage of this legislation that would bring about a permanent reminder of past atrocities, is especially important in the face of genocides that are still shamefully denied today, such as the Armenian Genocide.”

On behalf of all Armenian Americans, the ANCA-WR commends the California legislature and Assembly member Levine’s leadership for their efforts to create an enduring symbol of remembrance and recognition in California for all victims of genocide and injustice.


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