ANCA-WR Endorsed Christy Smith Wins 25th Congressional District Primary Against “Young Turk” Cenk Uygur

March 5, 2020

GLENDALE, CA — The Armenian National Committee of America – Western Region (ANCA-WR) endorsed Assemblymember Christy Smith has won her primary bid in the state’s 25th Congressional District, which encompasses Lancaster, Santa Clarita and Palmdale. Notably, the 25th District is home to thousands of Armenian-Americans, many of whom voiced their support for Smith, especially as she ran against the host and creator of “The Young Turks Show” Cenk Uygur. Armenians have protested and demanded the show change its title as it is named after the architects of the Armenian Genocide and serves to normalize one of the greatest crimes against humanity. Uygur, who raised over $1 million dollars for this race, was soundly defeated by Smith as she garnered close to 29% of the vote in a crowded field of over 13 candidates, while he on the other hand was barely able to muster 5.3% of the vote.

“As an organization relentlessly advocating for the advancement of the Armenian Cause, we are always vigilant against any manifestation or attempted denial of the Armenian Genocide among many other top priorities,” remarked ANCA-WR Chair Nora Hovsepian, Esq. “The results of the March 3 Primaries in California’s 25th Congressional District demonstrate our community’s commitment and strength — as active participants in the civic process — both in supporting our friend Christy Smith as well as safeguarding against any attempt to trivialize or outright deny the Genocide perpetrated against the Armenian, Greek, and Assyrian nations.”

Upon receiving the ANCA-WR’s backing, Assemblywoman Smith stated, “I’m incredibly grateful for the endorsement of the Armenian National Committee of America – Western Region and am committed to serving as a voice for the local Armenian American community in Congress, just as I did in the State Assembly. Having just seen Congress recognize the Armenian Genocide, I look forward to working with the Armenian American community towards the next steps for justice on this issue and others, and ensuring this great crime against humanity is never repeated. I stand alongside the Armenian American community in solidarity with the Armenians of Artsakh in their fight for self-determination, and look forward to visiting the sovereign territory of Artsakh as a member of Congress.”

Previously, during her tenure as an Assemblymember, Smith voted in favor of recognizing April 24th as the “State of California Day of Commemoration of the 104th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide” and has called on the President to formally recognize the Armenian Genocide.

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