September 18, 2018
For Immediate Release
Contact: Dickran Khodanian
tel. (818) 500-1918

ANC-WR California Delegation Meets with Armenia’s Parliamentary Factions

YEREVAN – On September 11, the ANC-WR led California Legislative and Trade Delegation met with representatives of the Republic of Armenia’s National Assembly. The members of the Armenian National Assembly that participated in the meeting included Edmon Marukyan from Bright Armenia (Yelk Alliance), Lena Nazaryan from Civil Contract (Yelk Alliance), Ruzanna Muradyan from the Republican Party, and Andranik Karapetyan and Ruzanna Arakelyan from the Armenian Revolutionary Federation.

During the meeting, the delegation stressed that the goal of the visit was to strengthen existing ties in the fields of information technologies and education while looking to create new ones. Members of the delegation also noted that the recent Velvet Revolution has sparked an interest among Armenian businesses from the U.S. to consider investing in Armenia.

Meanwhile, the members of the Armenian Parliament assured that cooperation with the California legislature is essential in encouraging investments in Armenia and ensuring further development of Armenia’s economy. Other topics that were discussed included the impressive role of women in Armenian political and business leadership positions, the necessity of tech education for Armenian students with appropriate privacy and security safeguards, promoting issues pertaining to IT, education, women and youth through legislation, organizing educational exchanges of teachers and students, and supporting the start-up tax privilege legislation to be proposed by the Ministry of Transport, Communication and IT.