Presentation by Rouben Galichian

Rouben Galichian is a private scholar and collector, who over a lifetime has become a specialist of maps of Armenia. Galichian was born in Tabriz, Iran, to a family of immigrant Armenians who had fled Van in 1915 and arrived in Iran via Armenia, Georgia and France. After attending school in Teheran, he received a scholarship to study in the UK and graduated from the University of Aston, Birmingham, in engineering. His interest in geography and cartography started early in life, but he began seriously studying this subject in the 1970s. In 1981, he moved to London with his family, where he had access to a huge variety of cartographic materials. His first book on this subject was “Historic Maps of Armenia: The Cartographic Heritage”. He is also the author of “The Invention of History: Azerbaijan, Armenia, and the Showcasing of Imagination”.