ArtsakhStrong Protest

Azerbaijani forces have attacked the entire length of the NKR-Azerbaijan Contact Line, targeting civilian areas. The Armenian nation, both in the homeland and the diaspora, stand in full support of our soldiers on the front lines. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

To the Azeri Government, whose short term memory seems to have abandoned them. You are not the first regime to try and wipe out the Armenian people, similar to those before you, your attempts WILL END IN FAILURE.

To the fatuous dictator Aliyev, like your father before you, whose lesson you failed to learn, have no doubt that your fascist government, your billions in weaponry, and your army, will once again fall in spectacular defeat at the hands of the ARMENIAN SOLDIER.

We will be protesting the criminal Azerbaijani Government on FRIDAY AT 1PM IN FRONT OF THE THE AZERI CONSULATE.