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Armenian Jewish Advisory Council - AJAC

The Armenian Jewish Advisory Council’s goal is to institutionalize relations between the Armenian and Jewish communities throughout the U.S., united by shared values, historical experiences, and a vision for a more robust intercommunal collaboration.

AJAC (pronounced “a-jack”) will serve as a platform for regular communications and consultations on a multitude of issues of concern to participant organizations on the local, state, and federal levels.

Organizations serving the Jewish and/or Armenian communities that share AJAC’s vision are welcome to apply for membership by filling out the form below. The Council – made up of one appointed representative per member organization – will be admitting new organizations on a rolling basis by consensus.

The Council will serve as the main body and will operate exclusively on the basis of general agreement. For the first year — between November 1, 2021 until October 31, 2022 — the Council will be co-chaired by inaugural members ICAN, JWW, and ANCA-WR. The Council will then devise an internal rotation system of co-chairmanship with one organization representing each community.

Given AJAC’s advisory nature, the Council’s decisions will not be binding on any of its member organizations.

The Council may also appoint prominent individuals to the Board of Advisors to serve on a renewable one-year basis.

Additionally, the Council may create permanent and/or ad-hoc working groups and committees to work on specific issues and report back to the Council on their findings and recommendations. This may include Holocaust and Genocide education; combatting dangerous speech and hate crimes; organizing delegation visits; fundraising; and more.