What do we do and why do we do it? Here’s a list of the top 10 goals of the ANCA-Western Region.

  1. ¬†ANCA’s mission is to pursue the Armenian Cause, which belongs to every Armenian.
  2. ANCA is the voice of the Armenian Diaspora in the halls of the US federal, State and local government.
  3. ANCA seeks justice for the Armenian Genocide and promotes Genocide education in public schools.
  4. ANCA secures US aid to Armenia.
  5. ANCA secures US aid to Nagorno Karabagh.
  6. ANCA gives the Armenian-American community a voice in all forms of media.
  7. ANCA educates and trains our youth to become tomorrow’s leaders through its many internship programs.
  8. ANCA promotes civic engagement through its HyeVotes voter registration and Get Out The Vote initiative.
  9. ANCA organizes local communities, small and large, throughout the Armenian-American Diaspora.
  10. ANCA educates, motivates and activates Armenian-Americans to effectively pursue the Armenian Cause in the most effective ways possible.