The ARF is United

Armenian Revolutionary Federation

Armenian Revolutionary Federation

YEREVAN—A consultative meeting of the governing bodies of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation of Armenia and the Diaspora convened in Yerevan on May 29 at the invitation of the ARF Bureau. In the context of new realities [in Armenia], the meeting held in-depth discussions regarding the political situation in Armenia and the party’s activities over the past two-months, and touched upon possible political developments and future plans.

The meeting reconfirmed the party’s commitment to give new impetus to Armenia-centered activities and expressed its full support of the political course adopted by the party’s bodies in the victory of the people’s movement.

The meeting noted that the strengthening and consolidation of Armenian statehood remains a pan-Armenian agenda and a priority for Armenians in the homeland and in the Diaspora.

The meeting also valued the rebirth that has taken place as a result of the popular movement and noted that it will gain new meaning on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the restoration of Armenian statehood, paving the way for a new beginning and a just and powerful Armenia.
May 30, 2018

Source: Asbarez
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