Voice your Support for Armenian Genocide Recognition by contacting your member in the Texas State House of Representatives!

Contact your member in the Texas House of Representatives to urge them to vote for HR 191, the Armenian Genocide recognition resolution, or to thank your member if they have already pledged support.  Send an email, or call his or her office to express your support. It’s critical that all 150 members hear from us right away.

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About HR 191

Rep. Scott Sanford introduced HR 191 this year, which is the first time that a resolution to recognize the Armenian Genocide has been introduced for consideration by the entirety of the House of Representatives in the State of Texas. On April 24th, the House International Trade & Intergovernmental Relations Committee held a hearing regarding the resolution which, if passed by the House of Representatives, would make Texas the 46th state to formally recognize the Armenian Genocide.

Last week, the committee voted unanimously in support of the bill, and now it is in the hands of all 150 members of the Texas House of Representatives. 46 of the members have already demonstrated support by signing on as authors or coauthors and they should be thanked, and the remaining members should be urged to vote in support.  By clicking on this link, you can enter your contact information and send an email to your Representative. You can also call the office of the Representative and let his staff know that you strongly support the bill, and there is a link for a sample phone script here.

You may recall that in 2015, the Texas House of Representatives passed a resolution which honored the contributions of the Near East Foundation which had provided unprecedented humanitarian assistance to the survivors of the Genocide, and helped to save more than 130,000 orphans. That resolution was a great accomplishment, and passage of HR 191 will further strengthen Texas’ commitment to accurately reflect the truth about the Armenian Genocide.