Dr. Armen Sarkissian , after being sworn in as the 4th president of Armenia, gives his inauguration address

Dr. Armen Sarkissian , after being sworn in as the 4th president of Armenia, gives his inauguration address

YEREVAN—Armenia’s President Armen Sarkissian on Thursday issued an announcement, in which he hailed and echoed the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Supreme Council of Armenia’s call to establish a platform for political dialogue, under his auspices, to resolve the country’s problems, in the face of the days-long protests against Serzh Sarkisian’s election as prime minister.

The complete text of the presidential announcement is provided below as issued by the presidential press service.

In the recent days thousands of citizens of our Republic the majority of which are the youth and students, present their demands to the authorities through rallies and marches.

The youth are our future, future soldiers, scientist, engineer, politician and public official and their voice should be heard and their opinion respected.

Indeed, there are numerous social-economic, legal and political problems needing rapid solution. The parliament of Armenia and the Cabinet formed by its majority, having the appropriate powers, are meant to discuss the issues and find solutions meeting the public demands.

To my deep conviction the sole solution to such situations is the dialogue in any format, the respect towards the opinions of one another and tolerance.

As the Head of the State, I invite the sides to a dialogue to find the best way out.

In this context I share the concerns raised by various social-political organizations over the situation and hail the proposal of the ARF to establish a platform for political consultations under the auspices of the President of Armenia to find joint and prudent solutions to the existing problems.

I also call on the participants of the rally and the law enforcement bodies to demonstrate restraint and responsibility.

I want to remind once again that the security and stability of our country and national solidarity should be a priority and unquestioned necessity.

Source: Asbarez
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