Military Academy Building Inaugurated in Dilijan

A scene from the opening ceremony of the Monte Melkonian Military Academy building
Students attend opening ceremonies of the new Monte Melkonian Military Academy building

DILIJAN, Armenia—A building that will house the now 24-year-old Monte Melkonian Military Academy was inaugurated Tuesday to coincide with the Artsakh war veteran’s 60th birthday, which falls on November 25. Melkonian was killed in battle during the Artsakh war.

The new Dilijan facility has been in operation since September 1 and houses 10th to 12th-grade students, who upon graduation will enlist in the Armenian Armed Forces when they turn 18.

Currently there are 194 students enrolled in the academy from various regions in Armenia and Artsakh, 94 of whom were admitted this academic year.

The academy follows the current state curriculum in Armenia and also specializes in military training.

The academy boasts state-of-the-art facilities that provides the students with an enhanced learning environment, as well as amenities that students can use for fitness and leisure. The academy complex is equipped with a gym, as well as basketball and tennis courts, a soccer field and a pool.

In an innovative new partnership with Armenia’s Defense Ministry, the facility also boasts a Tumo Center for Creative Technologies, which will teach the students the latest in information technology skills and other courses offered by Tumo in its other locations. This will enable the prospective soldiers to have much-needed skills to pursue careers after their military service ends.

The dormitories house three to four students per room, which have central heating and air-conditioning, as well as bathroom facilities in each room.

The academy sponsors the cost of each student’s food, lodging and clothing costs.

President Serzh Sarkisian, together with Defense Minister Vigen Sargyan, members of Armenia’s National Security Council and other guests watched the students’ march military parade. Sarkisian also toured the facilities and became acquainted with the various aspects of the school.

In his remarks, President Sarkisian congratulated the students and wished them success during their tenure at the military academy.

Source: Asbarez
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