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unnamed-1Lori A. Sinanian has been the project coordinator at ANCA-WR since March 2015.  Prior to that, Lori was a fall 2014 intern at ANCA-WR.

Lori has helped organize three marches for justice that include 60,000-plus individuals. In 2015, the year of the Armenian Genocide Centennial, she helped local Armenian organizations collectively organize the March for Justice, where over 166,000 people marched over 6 miles from Little Armenia in Hollywood to the Turkish Consulate. In 2016 and 2017, she helped organize the Rally for Justice and March for Justice by emailing over 80 ethnic, human rights, and student organizations to affirm their commitment to the global demand for justice for all persecuted people.

She is currently majoring in English at Glendale Community College. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree she plans to attend law school and with the foundation of a law degree, she plans to become a political journalist.