“You are not my enemy. I am not your enemy,” say children of Artsakh

Earlier on Friday Asbarez shared a video on its Facebook page from the Artsakh Ombudsman’s Office (Human Rights Defender) in response to a video recently circulated on social media of Azerbaijani pre-school children voicing their hatred toward Armenians as part of Baku’s state policy of armenophobia that is taught in schools across Azerbaijan.

The said Azerbaijani video depicts pre-school children in Azerbaijan who say that Armenians are their enemy.

The Artsakh Ombudsman’s office surveyed children in the same age bracket in Artsakh about who they believe their “enemies.” The responses from children in Artsakh varied from Batman and dragons as being their enemy, while other simply said they do not have enemies.

The Artsakh Ombudsman’s Office also detailed the atrocities—war crimes—committed by Azerbaijanis during the 2016 April War, during which some soldiers were decapitated and elderly residents of Artsakh were brutalized.

At the conclusion of the video, the children in Artsakh expressed their worldview on the topic: “You are not my enemy. I am not your enemy.”

Source: Asbarez
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by Turkey, Azerbaijan, & mercenary terrorists