Garo and Sosse Eshgian Donate $15,000 to Asbarez

Garo and Sosse Eshgian

Garo and Sosse Eshgian

LITTLE ARMENIA—Community leaders, activists and benefactors Mr. & Mrs. Garo and Sosse Eshgian have announced $15,000 donation to Asbarez, making them sponsors of the newspaper’s 110th anniversary celebration event.

The Eshigians have a long history of service to the community where they have held leadership positions in Glendale, be that within the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Glendale Aharonian Gomideh, or the St. Mary’s Armenian Apostolic Church. Their unwavering commitment to the advancement of the Armenian-American community has resulted in the execution and realization several vital projects, among them the establishment of the Krikor and Mariam Karamanoukian Youth Center in Glendale.

Currently, Garo Eshgian serves as the chairman of the Western Prelacy Executive Council.

For decades, the Eshgians have been long-time supports of Asbarez. It is their collective belief in the mission of the newspaper that has prompted this generous contribution, for which the management and editorial board of Asbarez offer their sincere gratitude.

The Eshigians donation brings Asbarez closer to its goal of securing 110 sponsors for the anniversary event, which will take place on Sunday, October 21 at Baghramian Hall in Montebello.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Garo and Sosse Eshgian Donate ,000 to Asbarez