FILM SCREENING: Voyage to Amasia

On the occasion of the anniversary of Armenian Genocide, the San Francisco Public Library and the Bay Area Armenian National Committee present “Voyage to Amasia”. This film documents composer Eric Hachikian’s return to his ancestral home—Amasia, Turkey—nearly 100 years after Ottoman soldiers deported his grandmother, Helen Shushan, during the Armenian Genocide. The film is set to Hachikian’s piano trio of the same name, which provided the initial inspiration for the documentary. Voyage to Amasia traces a path through the past, honoring Hachikian’s relationship with his grandmother and uncover- ing what her family’s life in Turkey might have been like. It also explores how the events of nearly a century ago continue to strain the relationship between Armenians and Turks today. Inspired by one family’s story, the filmmakers embark on their own journey in the hopes of finding a greater understanding between two peoples still at odds.