ANCA Town Hall in Boise, ID

True to its grassroots heritage and commitment to community engagement, the ANCA Western Region will host its a Town Hall meeting on March 2, 2013 in Boise, Idaho.

The community meeting will feature presentations by ANCA-Western Region Executive Director William Bairamian. The forum will offer an opportunity for community members to ask questions about the efforts of the ANCA, the nation’s largest and most effective Armenian American grassroots organization, to offer suggestions, and exchange views in an open atmosphere.

“We are excited to bring our energetic, assertive, and innovative brand of activism to Las Vegas,” remarked ANCA-Executive Director William Bairamian. “The best part about the ANCA Town Hall format is that it welcomes a two-way conversation with members of our community. The ANCA has much to share with our community about our work, but we also have much to learn from our friends and community partners. I look forward to spending time in Las Vegas with members of the fastest growing Armenian American community in the United States,” the ANCA-WR Executive Director added.

For more information about the upcoming ANCA Town Hall meeting in Boise, ID individuals are encouraged to contact John Kazian by emailing or by calling (208) 922-5235.