ARS to honor its members on International Volunteer Day

ARS to honor its members on International Volunteer Day

WATERTOWN, Mass.—On December 5, the Armenian Relief Society will join the world in celebrating International Volunteer Day in recognition of the commitment and contribution of its members who strengthen communities with their unyielding dedication to the homeland and society-at-large.

Volunteerism acts as a catalyst for civic engagement and shaping our world, and on this occasion, the ARS Central Executive Board thanks and pays tribute to all of our members and volunteers who have contributed, time and time again, to the impact this historic organization can make.

We recognize that our strength lies in the dedicated work of each of our members, who contributes on the local, regional, and international levels. Our members embody an underlying principle of goals, which allow us to develop mechanisms to strengthen our communities and contribute to the betterment of our homeland.

The ARS has been able to do its work thanks to the exemplary women who serve their nation with total dedication, offering the Armenian people and the world their time, energy, and talent, always staying true to their beloved organization. We have no doubt that the ARS will remain steadfast to the vital needs of the world with its mighty volunteer army.

On International Volunteer Day, the ARS Central Executive Board encourages everyone to continue to participate in actions, no matter how small, in order to make our homeland and world a better place. Together, we will be able to reach even greater heights of distinction and accomplishments as we continue to strive toward our ultimate goals.

Source: Asbarez
Link: ARS to Pay Tribute to its Members on International Volunteer Day

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