ArmHiTec Arms and Defense Technology Exhibit Opens In Yerevan

President Sarkisian speaks to Army officials at the expo
A regiment of the Armenian Armed Forces stages a drill outside ArmHiTec expo in Yerevan on Thursday
President Serzh Sarkisian tours the ArmHiTec 2018 defense technology exhibit
President Sarkisian is guided on a tour of the exhibit
The ArmHiTec 2018 opened with a brief cultural performance

YEREVAN—An international exhibition featuring the latest in defense technology and arms opened Thursday in Armenia with high-level government officials, among them the president and defense minister in attendance.

Known as the ArmHiTec -2018 international exhibition of armaments and defense technology, the event will through Saturday in Yerevan.

A brief cultural program and official opening ceremony were followed by a demonstration by the a special detachment of the Armenian Armed Forces.

ArmHiTec -2018 seeks to become an effective platform for dialogue between the military, scientific and business circles of participating countries. Armenian and foreign organizations from Russia, India, Germany, Italy, France, China and other countries are participating in the exhibition with their own stands.

While touring the exhibition, President Serzh Sarkisian familiarized himself with the achievements of Armenian organizations in the field of armaments and defense technology, as well as with the products showcased by international organizations.

A practical scientific program will be held on the sidelines of ArmHiTec -2018 international exhibition, involving delegations from more than 10 countries and representatives of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, commonly known as the CSTO.

Armenia's Defense Minister Vigen Sargsyan addresses the ArmHiTec 2018 expo opening ceremony

Armenia’s Defense Minister Vigen Sargsyan addresses the ArmHiTec 2018 expo opening ceremony

The development of defense industry is one of the priority directions of progress of the Armenian economy, Defense Minister Vigen Sargsyan said during the opening of the ArmHiTec 2018.

“High tech and innovative developments in the defense industry had a unique place in recent years in the development of Armenia’s science and industry. Modern samples of military significance production were development in a short period of time and commissioned in the armed forces, a part of which you can see at this exhibition,” Sargsyan said.

The minister also discussed the seven-year military modernization program, the main purpose of which is launching production of high tech arms and entering foreign markets.

The minister also announced that 34 Armenian and more than 30 foreign companies from 14 countries are featured in the exhibit.

“State delegations from Russia, Greece, India, Belarus, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Serbia and Egypt have arrived in Armenia to participate in the exhibition,” he said, adding that the CSTO delegation is also in attendance.

Source: Asbarez
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