Let’s Make the Armenian-American Voice Heard at the Ballot Box

Let’s transfer that energy and call for justice we took to the streets on April 24 to the ballot box and elect candidates who stand ready to serve the needs of our diverse communities. The Turkish and Azeri governments and their top paid lobby firms may have the money, but we have you –  the grassroots.  With a unified and strong voice at the ballot box, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish together.

Let’s Get You Elections Ready!

CO Congressional Endorsements

Sen. Michael Bennet (D) | Diana DeGette (D-1) | Jared Polis (D-2) | Ken Buck (R-4) | Rep. Mike Coffman (R) and State. Sen. Morgan Carroll (D-6) | Edwin Perlmutter (D-7)

Colorado State Senate

Randy Baumgardner (R-8) | Dominick Moreno (D-21) | Daniel Kagan (D-26) | Rhonda Fields (D-29)

Colorado State House:

Paul Rosenthal (D-9) | Faith Winter (D-35) Cole Wist (R-37)

Colorado State Measures: Yes on 4B